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RJ Landau Partners has frequently been hired by clients to pursue investigations of matters of concern to an entity’s managers, general counsel or board that have yet to rise to the level of litigation. These engagements are often in the role as special counsel to an entity’s operating board. The firm brings to these assignments a broad range of investigational tools. The firm’s attorneys have particular expertise in matters of accounting, the construction of complex databases, as well as the use of subpoena power and the Freedom of Information Act to discover relevant information.

In these matters it is the primary objective of the firm’s attorneys to compile the relevant information and reduce it to a form that will guide its client’s decision making. Representative matters handled by the firm’s attorneys include:

  • The analysis of multi-party fraud schemes encompassing hundreds of transactions for the purposes of developing a litigation strategy that resulted in substantial recoveries of assets.
  • The investigation of misconduct by an entity’s third party manager for the purposes of invalidating certain unauthorized and unlawful transactions entered into by that manager.
  • An investigation into allegations of document fabrication and the potential involvement of employees in a scheme to defraud.
  • The investigation and development of a litigation strategy to address an employee’s theft of trade secrets.
  • The investigation of the propriety of a transfer of a related party’s foundation funds into private hands and litigation related to that transfer.
  • Multiple matters requiring the investigation of an employee or potential employee’s breach of employment and non-compete agreements.